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Sanjai Dharshan S
Research scholar
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  • Mr. Sanjai Dharshan is a dedicated research scholar delving into the study of persistent organic pollutants and the interactions between Micro and Nanoplastics (MNPs).
  • His research involves the synthesis of Nanoplastics and investigating their potential interactions with forever chemicals and pollutants, employing Bioinformatics tools.
  • His primary focus lies in understanding the toxic effects on the Danio rerio and Mus musculus animal models. Furthermore, he analyzes the impact of hazardous pollutants on these models, exploring metabolic pathways and gene expressions in vitro through the creation of a sophisticated cell line co-culture model.
  • Mr. Dharshan is committed to ensuring the sustainability and practical application of his research findings, aiming to contribute significantly to the creation of a pollutantfree environment.